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Questions & Answers

Q: I'm interested in building; where do I start?

A. The first step is meeting with us to discuss your needs and decide on a floor plan. We will talk about how you want your new home built, both interior and exterior. After all the information is gathered, we prepare a spec and bid sheet for you which outlines everything we discussed, complete with a contract price. If conventional financing is needed, you would then take this spec and bid sheet to the financial institution of your choice to get loan approval. After loan approval and signing of the construction agreement, we are ready to start building!

Q: Do I need to hire an architect to draw up my house plans?

A. No. Whether you bring us your own floor plan or use one of our floor plans, we have computer programs to draw the plans for your new house. We draw all of our own plans, so we can revise and redraw as often as needed. We can also give you a three-dimensional drawing of your plans, whether it be the kitchen cabinets, or the exterior of your home.

Q: What "hidden" costs may I encounter?

A. Our bid price for your new home will be complete. You'll be able to move into your new home with both the interior and exterior completed. Please check our Standard Features for an outline of everything that is included. You will be responsible to purchase accessories, such as storm doors, shower and bath enclosures, window treatments, and furniture. You will also need to purchase your own appliances except for a range and a dishwasher, which are included.

Q: How do I proceed with making choices for the products used in my new house?

A. We have made every effort to make these choices as easy and stress free as possible. We have customer choice forms for you to fill out, and many of your selections can be made in our model home showroom. We work closely with you throughout the building process, and keep you informed of what's happening and what's next. You are also welcome on the job site at any time. We have nothing to hide!

Q: Do you build outside of your own subdivision?

A. Our policy is to only build in our own subdivisions. This is where we do it best. However, there may be exceptions to this, but they would only be considered based on our current schedule, cost of the project, and the building location.